All bird seed is not created equal: Give us the opportunity and we will show you how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace. Our focus is to help you increase your profits. Donít turn bird seed into a cheap commodity in your store, instead, provide Lizzie Maeís Bird Seed to your discerning customer.

Amish Farm to your Retail Store: Lizzie Maeís Bird Seed is only available to brick and mortar retailers. Our dedicated crew of professional drivers offers you on-time weekly service. All of our trailers are equipped with lift gates and electric jacks.

Amish Farm to Backyard Feeder: Our products are mixed and packaged on our 10 acre farm in Holmes County Ohio. Long known for their attention to detail and craftsmanship our Amish crew takes great care in every aspect of the manufacturing and packaging of your orders. Once you receive your order you will be confident in telling your customers you have the highest quality bird seed in the market.

The Dry Goods: Seed Cakes, Seed Cylinders, Suet, Feeders, Houses and Galvanized Seed Storage Cans all take a free ride on top of the bird seed when you order your bird seed from Lizzie Maeís.

If you are ready to provide a premium product with premium margins instead of a commodity, call us today!

Rob, Kevin, Mahlon

Lizzie Mae's Bird Seed & Dry Goods
Main Line: 330.473.4912 -- Fax: 330.437.0433
Rob Cell: 215.262.8592 -- Kevin Cell: 330.465.9308
Mahlon Cell: 330.231.1101
Email: Customer Care

Farm Address
5526 Township Road 127, Millersburg OH 44654
Inbound Deliveries Phone: 330-674-4964

Office Address
(Kevin's Basement)
11315 Steiner Road
Rittman OH 44270


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