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Brome Bird Care

We distribute the very focused line of Brome Bird Feeders including the Squirrel Buster Plus, Squirrel Buster Classic, Squirrel Buster Mini, Squirrel Buster Finch,New Squirrel Buster Peanut + Feeder.

We consider these top-of-the-line feeders as the best value (High Quality at a good price) in tube feeders on the market today.

S&K Galvanized Cans

You might think we are selling Galvanized trash cans, but, turns out these are top of the line Bird Seed Storage Containers that look like a trash can. Amazing what a bit of marketing can do. Lots of good stuff comes from the state of Ohio and we thank our friends from Coldwater Ohio for keeping us stocked on these high quality products.

6 gallon - 10 gallon - 20 gallon

Pine Tree Farms Suet

Since 1984 Pine Tree Farms has been producing high quality suet for the Wild Bird Food industry. The down-home folks of Interlaken New York are a good match for us at Lizzie Mae. We stock over 60 varieties of Pine Tree Suets.

Lizzie Mae's Handmade Houses and Feeders

Yup, make them on the farm.

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These products ride along FREE with your Seed Order.

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